Tom Murray openly admits to getting a late start in life with filmmaking.  Having studied filmmaking
in his college years, and long term fan of documentary films, it was only in his “50+” years that he
tackled his first feature length work.  Inspired by his upbringing on a dairy farm in northern Illinois,
“FARM search of Gay life in rural America”  was voted Best Feature Length Documentary
at the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in 2004 and has been acquired by Viacom as part
of the initial acquisitions for LOGO TV, the new Gay and Lesbian cable channel.  Now a resident of
the Gulf coast of Florida,  in 2005 Tom completed his second feature, “FISH CAN‘T FLY” which takes
a look at the way in which Gay people of faith go about putting their spirituality and sexuality in
harmony.  He’s currently working  to put the finishing touches on the DVD for his third feature
documentary titled “ALMOST MYSELF” which takes a look into the world of transgender individuals.  
The film was inspired after meeting a transgender woman who twenty years after having surgery and
living as a woman, is considering a return to life as a man again.  The film received several honors
including the jury award for "Best Documentary" at the Tampa Intl. Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and
also the audience award for "Favorite Documentary' at the Southwest Film Gay & Lesbian Film
Festival in Albuquerque, NM.

"TELL" continues the director's tradition of taking a closer look at some of the lesser seen parts of
LGBT culture.  Conducting interviews with more than 14 LGBT military veterans and their allies, the
film is sure to put a human face on the ongoing controversial policy of "don't ask, don't tell" which
effects each and every gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person who wants to join the military
and serve their country.

More recent films by Tom Murray include A PORTABLE TRIBE which takes a look at the world of gay
men who gather in non-urban settings including stories of camping, RV life and naturist gatherings.  
In the Spring of 2009, Tom's latest film AMANCIO...TWO FACES ON A TOMBSTONE premiered at the
Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival winning honors with the Audience Award for Best Feature
Documentary.  AMANCIO also won "Best of Festival" at the Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival in
November 2009.

Tom views his work as a form of activism and is currently in production on a film exploring spirituality
in the LGBT community.  The film with the working title of QUEERITUALITY is set for completion in
late 2010.

Tom Murray - Award winning documentary filmmaker
FARM search of Gay Life in Rural America.  Award winning documentary.
FISH CAN'T FLY.  Stories of LGBT people previously involved with the ex-gay movement.
ALMOST MYSELF..Mending and Transcending Gender.  Award winning documentary with stories of the struggles of transgender women.
TELL -   Conversations with LGBT military veterans about their service and the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.  Award winning documentary.
A PORTABLE TRIBE - Conversations with gay men sharing their lives in non-urban settings including camping, retreat centers and naturist gatherings.
AMANCIO...Two Faces on a Tombstone.  Award winning documentary about the aftermath of the murder of a young gay Hispanic man near Yuma Arizona in 2005.